Queen Spotlight: Sasha Velour

The dubbed “brainy” queen from season 9 is from none other than Brooklyn, New York. Sasha is a self proclaimed mixture of  art, eastern european vampires and cheep fabric. She has been sailing through the competition with bold looks, and even bold acting choices. Most recently she performed “snatch game” as Marlene Dietrich, proving that her ideas don’t overwhelm her performance in the moment. The girls got the chops, and the brain to boot. I can easily see her making top 3.


On the season so far, these girls are re

On the season so far, these girls are reminiscent of season seven. There are many look queens, and they’re diverse and each hold their own aesthetic. Kimora is giving me life with her one liners, and some queens are giving great interviews. I’m just surprised Charlie isn’t standing out more. She had such a strong one on one, and so much experience. I see her going far, but for now she’s been fading into the background a bit.

Queen Spotlight: James Mansfield

The first Queen eliminated from Season 9, James is a campy queen with “a lot up her sleeve”. The judges didn’t think so, as her cheerleading performance and runway look did not impress. From Milwaukee, Wisconsin; James comes from the same area as season 7 3 time looser Trixie Matell. I feel bad to see her go, but it was the right decision.

Queen Spotlight: Nina Bo’Nina Brown

Nina Bo’Nina Brown is a queen from Atlanta Georgia who has won the first challenge of season 9! She’s self described as a mix between cosplay and art. What I love about this queen is her uniqueness and resourcefulness. She makes these looks work with her skill rather than her wallet, and thats a talent on it’s own. I’m living for her, and can easily see her becoming a fan favorite.

Queen Spotlight: Charlie Hides

Our first UK Queen, Charlie is also the oldest queen every to be on the race! Charlie has been doing drag since the big bang, self proclaimed, and it really shows. She’s a polished professional known for her character impersonations and stand up comedy. She’s Cher’s favorite impersonator! Charlie really captured fan’s hearts with her meet the queens video, and I think she’s a force to be reckoned with. I’d like to see her read, as I’m sure she could rival even Bianca.

Queen Spotlight: Shea Coulee

Ding, Ding, Ding! I think we have a winner. Shea Coulee is a queen from Chicago who’s got enough cunning, uniqueness, nerve and talent to take the crown. Girl does it all. She’s a dancer, makeup artist, actress and seamstress..how could she not win? She’s practically created  for the competition. From high art drag, to Beyonce; Shea really does everything.

Queen Spotlight: Aja

Getting her name from a Bollywood movie, Aja’s got culture. Her aesthetic is the streets of Brooklyn meets the streets of Tokyo, and I’m living for it. Self described as a furry monster, Aja’s taken the pastel trend to the next level. We see so many pastel wigs these days, but hers are something refreshing. A NY queen, she’s close to heart and we know she’s been competing since birth. Mother of the house of Aja, she’s inspiring new girls every day. Much like pearl, I see Aja as the face that launched a thousand just like it.