The Long Night Has Ended.

After months of the gay dry season since the end of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars this past October, it has finally rained. Season 9 is here kittens, and when it rains it pours. On the second of February, 2017, LogoTv and World of Wonder Productions have released our first trailer for the long anticipated Rupaul’s Drag Race season 9. This trailer “drop” has been much to the surprise of all fans. The Rupaul’s Drag Race instagram has been dropping small #ruveals this past week, giving us glimpses of the queens that we’ll be spending the next few months getting to know on the hit reality competition.

On February second, the day began with a live stream on Rupaul’s Drag Race’s facebook page where the fans would get the “ruveal” of one of the upcoming season 9 queens at 1pm, EST. We were greeted by long time judge, and professional villain, Michelle Visage and the first queen we were to meet Valentina. After an unscripted interview the fanbase went mad. Reddit exploded as a trailer for the season had dropped, but most think this was accidental over at Logo’s web division. The link was quickly removed, and the video deleted only for the trailer to come out minutes later. I’m sure the Logo execs thought “what the hell it’s already out” and decided to run with the mistake.

That’s when the glitter hit the fan, literally, and these thirsty children got the rainstorm they deserved. The thirteen queens for this upcoming season look amazing, and the number was a surprise as Rupaul stated in an NPR interview that there would only be 12 queens months prior. Many still claim we will have a surprise 14th queen, as some are saying Cynthia Lee Fontaine will make a return from her season 8 win as miss congeniality, but none of this is confirmed.

Things are heating up, and this season promises to be the biggest yet. In addition to this star cast, all of whom bring something different and unique to drag, it has just been announced that Lady Gaga will be making an appearance in the very first episode! I’m not sure how this could get better, but the long night/dry season has ended.

The queens are as follows:

Trinity Taylor – Orlando, Florida.

Shea Coulé – Chicago, Illinois.

Sasha Velour – Brooklyn, New York.

Peppermint – New York, New York.

Valentina – San Diego, California.

Nina Bo’Nina Brown – Atlanta, Georgia.

Kimora Blac – Las Vegas, Nevada.

James Mansfield – Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Farrah Moan – Las Vegas, Nevada.

Eureka O’Hara – Asheville, North Carolina.

Charlie Hides – Boston, Massachusetts/London, England.

Alexis Michelle – New York, New York.

Aja – Brooklyn, New York.




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